The Australian Government has launched ReMade in Australia – a national campaign urging Australians to recycle more, and show how they can help create jobs and protect our environment.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced ReMade in Australia at Sydney’s Woollahra Public School today, saying it was a critical step in giving Australians the confidence to recycle more and to buy products manufactured with recycled content.

“We are taking responsibility for our waste, we put a stop to it being shipped overseas as someone else’s problem and we have made recycling one of six national manufacturing priorities,” the Prime Minister said.

“Australians are doing the right thing and they want to be assured that the efforts they make in recycling at their homes and workplaces are delivering real outcomes, from the roads they drive on to the sunglasses they choose to wear.

“We need to recycle even more and this campaign will help consumers and business understand the benefits that recycling can deliver for our environment and for jobs.

“ReMade in Australia builds on the pride we all have in Australian made and the pride we take in doing the right thing for our environment.”

Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley said that recycling can reduce pressure on our environment and we want to create Australian manufacturing jobs.

“The ReMade in Australia campaign asks Australians to look for those products using recycled materials, it raises awareness about the ways recycled materials contribute to our everyday lives,” Minister Ley said.

“The Morrison Government is driving a billion dollar transformation of Australia’s waste and recycling industry, through the Recycling Modernisation Fund. We are seeing governments and industry investing in the commissioning of new plant and equipment, and our waste export bans are driving fundamental change.

“ReMade in Australia will help Australians understand the ways they are contributing through both recycling and the choices they make at the checkout.”

Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management Trevor Evans said that now was the right time for Australian businesses and consumers to think ReMade Australia.

“This campaign taps into the pride Australians have in doing the right thing for the environment,” Assistant Minister Evans said.

“At a time of year when people are buying gifts and unwrapping tonnes of packaging it is all the more important to have recycling front of mind.”

Member for Wentworth Dave Sharma said that practical environmental action such as recycling was important to his community.

“The people of Wentworth care deeply about our environment and want sustainable ways to reduce their waste, in order to protect our global environment,” Mr Sharma said.

“Keeping waste out of our oceans and landscapes and turning it into resources that can be reused is something we can all be a part of, and this campaign will help spread that message.”

Launched this week online and in print, the campaign will include television advertising later this month as Australians buy new products and recycle everything from packaging to electronic food across Christmas and New Year.

Further information on ReMade in Australia is available.