ALDI has removed almost 2,000 tonnes of plastic packaging and achieved a 10 per cent reduction across its fresh produce range in just one year.

Australians use more than 3.5 million tonnes of plastics each year with one million tonnes made up of single-use plastic.  When ALDI first made its commitment in 2019, the business evaluated the total amount of packaging across every one if its products. Since then, the supermarket has been working closely with producers and manufacturers to remove plastics from its range, including sleeves, trays and labels, or replace them with sustainable alternatives to reduce the overall plastic quantity across every one of its products.

The supermarket achieved a reduction of plastic packaging of four per cent in the first year of the initiative, which has avoided almost 2,000 tonnes of plastics being introduced to the market. ALDI has been focused on removing plastics across its fresh produce, with plastic trays and wraps reduced by 10 per cent.


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